Local SEO Package Common Features

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Local SEO Package Global SEO Package eCommerce Package

Description Essential(For up to 6 keywords) Professional (For up to 12 keywords) Premium (For up to 24 keywords) Enterprises(For up to 48 keyword)
Initial Analysis
Website Analysis
Duplicate Content Check
Ranking Report
Keyword Research
Google Penalty Check
Onpage Optimization
Web Page Load Optimization
Header Tag Optimization
Code Clean up and Optimization
Internal Link structuring and Optimization
Images and Hyperlink Optimization
Robots.txt file creation/Analysis
HTML,XML,ROR,urllist.txt sitemap
Google & Bing Webmaster tools
Google Analytic
Title & Meta Tag optimization
Page Speed Optimzation Analysis
Local Search Optimization
Google My Business Setup & Verification
Google Places - Photo/Multimedia additions
Customer Reviews/Ratings 3 4 5 5
Content Marketing(per month)
Social Media Optimization (per month)
Code Optimization
Video Marketing
Monthly Reporting
Customer Support
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